The new BMW X5 M is a beast, no matter how you look at it. Design-wise, it has an aggressive look that simply falls into that ‘bad boy’ category. From the performance point of view, it shouldn’t be possible for a car of this size to be this fast and yet, the X5 M is. Therefore, is it truly as menacing as the guys from Everyday Driver consider it to be? Is it, as they put it, a ‘perfect supervillain car’?

It depends on so many factors, it’s impossible to offer a clear cut answer. Truth be told, nobody needs such a car. The BMW X5 M is a marvel of technology, more than anything else. It’s not just the internal combustion tech or the gimmicks you get inside the cabin, like Gesture Control. It’s mostly the suspension and what BMW M refers to as ‘elastokinematics’, a fancy word for the witchcraft that keeps everything so well balanced and knit together.

However, as the review point out, even this kind of wizardry has its limits and the weight of the car can be felt at times. Even so, it is admirable how well it behaves. But will that be appreciated by those behind the wheel? Well, to be fair, the BMW X5 M will be spotted most often in mall parking lots and doing school runs. It will be an urban cruiser for most of its time, but, for the 10 percent of the people who actually buy it for its dynamics, it will be worth it.

2020 BMW X5 M and X6 M Competition models – Cold Start and Revs

Could you do all of the things the X5 M does with an M50i? Most likely. Will it be just as good on a daily basis? I reckon it would be even better, as the M50i is more comfortable. Does that matter in the end? No, because some people only want the top shelf products and that’s fine. This review does cover everything you need to know though, in case you’re interested in the new M uber-SUV.