Normally, you wouldn’t really compare the BMW X3 M with a BMW M8 Competition. These two cars are so different in so many ways that one would likely consider such a thought outrageous. However, the BMW X3 M has been hitting hard, way above its weight class. It has been tested in a number of scenarios and proved its mettle in more than one way. Give it a tune and things get even more ridiculous, as you’re about to see.

The guys from DragTimes have put together a video showing us an BMW X3 M going up against a BMW M8 Competition on the drag strip. Before you declare the winner on the spot, I should mention the X3 M is not stock. According to the uploader, it has a tune on the engine giving it roughly 550 HP, a near 80 HP increase compared to the standard levels of output. That brings the X3 closer to the M8 in terms of performance.

There are two test runs at the beginning of the video showing how close these two are. The M8 Competition posted a 10.951 run on the 1/4 mile at 126.79 mph while the X3 M did the same run in 10.97 seconds at 123.27 mph. Now, as the uploader says and you can see in the video, when the two cars went head to head conditions changed. The most important factor was the track which went cold and didn’t offer the same grip levels. In the first drag race you can see the X3 M struggling to put the power down, for example.

The results recorded in the other two races are even worse. There is an interesting cut at the end though, with the X3 M posting some really impressive Drag numbers, doing 0-60 in 3.13 seconds which is incredible. We’re also set to get two more drag races with this X3 M versus a tuned Macan Turbo and a similarly upgraded Audi RS3.