Ever since the BMW X3 M Competition was announced it has been receiving so many glowing reviews, you would think nobody needs any other M car. Truth be told, this is a pretty compelling choice for the enthusiast in you. It offers a lot of practicality and insane levels of performance with a decent price tag (for what it brings to the table). So far, I haven’t heard anyone complaining about it until this week.

The guys from Roadshow took one out for the traditional spin and came back wondering whether it might be a bit too much. They weren’t disappointed in the performance, far from it, but they did find the ride of the BMW X3 M Competition a bit on the stiffer side of things. Some might say that’s natural since this is a car that’s meant to showcase how far the handling capabilities of SUVs has come.

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However, the reviewer does make a good point: isn’t this supposed to be a family car? If that’s so, shouldn’t you strive to offer your family a comfortable ride? That doesn’t seem the case for the X3 M Competition, instead the ride being tuned to deliver the best possible performance. As we all know that doesn’t go hand in hand with the concept of ‘comfort’. That’s a valid point and another valid point is the fact that most of these cars will never make it to the track.

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Some might say the BMW X3 M is therefore a better option. It is marginally better on rough surfaces and has plenty of performance on a daily basis. It won’t be as quick as the Competition model but the difference will only be noticeable on a track. Since you probably won’t ever go to the track with it, you will never see the difference between them.