There’s a really interesting debate going online regarding the BMW M8 Competition and the M2 Competition. We’ve seen the cars compared a number of times and one does wonder why that’s the case. One simple answer is: because they are popular. Both these cars spark interesting debates because of what they stand for. Sure, they may reside at different ends of the BMW range but they are extremely interesting in their own way anyhow.

At the one end you have the BMW M2 Competition. Regarded by many as the best bang for buck M car in the range today (and possibly the last few years), the M2 Competition is a sharp tool for carving canyon roads. It’s agile, light on its feet and has just enough power for its size. It’s also the cheapest M car you can get right now and the dose of adrenaline delivered is way more than you’d expect at first.

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On the other hand here we have the BMW M8 Competition. As the name suggests, this car is bigger, faster, more powerful and considerably more expensive. It is also the fastest car BMW ever put in production, comes with all-wheel drive (a somewhat atypical choice for an M car) and it sits at the other end of the spectrum compared to the M2 Competition, price-wise.

It’s actually more than twice the price. Is it also 200 percent better?

Video: BMW M8 Competition Convertible Reviewed in the Snow

Joe Achilles set out to find out and his video could be called biased, to be honest. That’s because that car he’s comparing the M8 Competition against is his own M2 Competition. Therefore, he knows the M2 Competition better and more in-depth. Nevertheless, he does make some good points about the way these two compare. Enjoy!