We’ve all heard about how important and revolutionary the upcoming BMW iNext will be, yet we still have a year to go before the car is fully unveiled. But in the meantime, the Bavarians are starting a teasing campaign by the looks of the video posted below.

BMW i published a really short clip on their official Youtube channel showcasing one of the features the iNext promises to bring to the market: autonomous driving. Judging by what’s shown here, the iNext will have level 3 autonomous functions which means it will still have a steering wheel inside and won’t be a completely self-driving vehicle.

It also seems to suggest that the passengers and driver will be able to completely let go of the steering wheel which implies Level 4 autonomy.

There’s still a lot to be disclosed regarding the iNext and a lot of its tech is definitely going to be something new. So naturally, there will be a lot of new use cases. For example, this video below features a young lady who’s doing her make-up while behind the wheel.

Of course, that’s not something new since we see many of these instances today, but this time around, the task is accomplished in a safe manner.

Rumor: BMW iNext could get Intelligent Glass Control technology

While this might turn out to be the ‘ultimate make-up machine’, we’re still really curious about other aspects of the car as well. What will be the estimated battery range? How much power will it have? Will it sport that fancy interior interactive material we’ve been hearing about?

All those questions are bound to get a clear answer next year, when the BMW iNext enters production in 2021.