Arguably the most important car to come from BMW in the coming years will be the iNEXT all-electric SUV. While that might not be the sexiest of enthusiast’s cars coming from Bavaria, it’s one that will make a massive difference to the future of the brand. In fact, it has the potential to make or break the brand. Despite that, we know very little about the BMW iNEXT, as the Bavarians have kept the lid on it quite tightly. So when we see new spy photos crop up, we take notice. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

When the BMW iNEXT debuts, it’s supposed to be the most advanced electric and autonomous car BMW has ever made. According to BMW, the iNEXT is going to represent the very best of what the brand can do. Considering the future of the automobile is both electric and highly autonomous, the iNEXT will prove whether or not BMW is ready for that future.

In these spy photos, we can see what looks like a fairly ordinary SUV, which is a far cry from the radical-looking BMW iNEXT concept car. However, that’s not to say it’s bad looking. In fact, this could be one of BMW’s better looking SUVs when it debuts. Its proportioned well, has a good looking Hofmeister Kink and very short overhangs, just to mention a few of its better looking features. To be honest, we can’t see too much, as it’s heavily wrapped in camouflage, but from what we can tell it won’t be as funky looking as the concept car.

What will be important is what lies under that body work. The BMW iNEXT needs to pack more than 200 miles of range, preferably around 250 miles, and it needs to be at least Level 3 autonomous. In response to criticism about the brand’s lack of EV range and autonomous capability, BMW has said the best is yet to come and the iNEXT is said to represent the brand’s best. So if the iNEXT is anything less than stellar, BMW is going to have a bit egg on its face.

[Source: Motor1]