The BMW iNext is supposed to become BMW’s new technology flagship when unveiled, next year. The new car is supposed to bring autonomous driving to the table and a lot of new tech that will eventually trickle down to other models in the range. One of those bits of technology could be Continental’s Intelligent Glass Control, a function that has been available on other cars since 2017, but not nearly in the same price range as the iNext.

Now, the iNext is supposed to get it too and it will be done quite differently than before. Whereas other cars had the choice of turning the windows opaque or not, on the iNext, the goal of this technology will apparently be to keep the temperature inside as comfortable as possible.

To that end, the windows will become less transparent in increments. On top of that, the iNext could have sensors on board which detect the position of the sun related to the car. This way, only certain parts of the windows will be activated automatically to keep the heat and light away.

The video below explains how that would work. Even though it’s in Spanish, you can understand the goal of this Intelligent Glass Control feature. The reflective glass will be activated automatically or manually, if you so desire. It can’t cover the windscreen because that would be illegal, but it can work on any other surface.

Furthermore, whenever you enter a tunnel, the car’s sensors will automatically deactivate the tinted windows.

The BMW iNext is supposed to be a technology marvel so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Continental’s tech implemented on it. However, for now, this is just a rumor as we haven’t been able to confirm it with our sources, so take it with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, such rumors do grow the hype surrounding this car and we just can’t wait to see what it will bring to the table when unveiled in 2021.

[Source: g20.bimmerpost]