As far as collectible BMW models go, some are obviously more expensive than others and some are rarer than others. At the very top of the list you’ll find cars like the BMW E30 M3 and the BMW E46 M3 CSL. This latter model is also considered by many the best M car ever made and seems to have a certain halo around it. Whenever you see one, you’d better rest assured you’re in the presence of greatness.

Prices for the rare BMW E46 M3 CSL have also been going through the roof. It’s not just the fact that’s it’s a blast to drive that makes it so expensive, it’s also the fact that it was built in limited numbers. With only under 1,400 ever made, seeing one is a rare occurrence.

The car we’re showing you today then, should be pretty interesting. It has a price tag of AUD155,000, as the car is located in Western Australia. In US dollars that would be somewhere along the lines of $103,000 at the current exchange rate.

It’s a right-hand drive car then, which makes it rarer than the left-hand drive models, as only 542 units with the steering wheel on the right side were ever made. If you’re Australian, you’ll probably also want to know that only 23 were even imported into the land down under.

If you’re not from Australia, buying this E46 M3 CSL might also make sense since the price tag is rather reasonable for a car this rare and collectible. Shipping it to a different continent shouldn’t be a huge problem either.

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The ad says it has 93,500 km (58,000 miles) which not perfect but decent for a car that was probably enjoyed by its current owner over the years. The best part about it is that it spent all of its life in Australia and therefore it most likely doesn’t have issues with rust.

Unfortunately, it was modified a bit, having Eibach springs and Bilstein coilovers installed. The seller claims you can have the originals though which is good. Overall, this might be a good buy if you move fast.

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