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This BMW E46 M3 CSL could be yours for $103,000

As far as collectible BMW models go, some are obviously more expensive than others and some are rarer than others. At the very top of the list you’ll find cars like the BMW E30 M3…

BMW Group Classic hosts again “Wheels & Weisswürscht” in 2019

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The One And Only: BMW E46 M3 CSL

It’s tough being a legend. Someone is always out to replace you at the top of the mountain. It’s rare when a legend can stay a legend for so long. However, one example of lasting…

Which one would you buy: BMW M4 or E46 M3 CSL?

The BMW M4 has taken some criticism since its debut, fairly or unfairly, for the fact that it isn’t as pure or connected as its predecessors. It is true, due to turbocharging and the switch…