BMW’s electric offensive is kicking off in 2020 and by 2023, we will see 12 fully electric models. One of them is the BMW X1 electric SUV. First news of the BEV X1 arrived in 2018, but since, there were several independent reports confirming the new model.

Since the UKL platform (front-wheel drive) is moving to the “U” naming convention, the next generation X1 will be sold under the U11 codename. And for the first time, BMW’s best selling SUV will get a fully electric SUV. A plug-in hybrid is also likely, just like the current F48 X1 xDrive25e.

For now, the working name is BMW iX1, but it remains to be seen if that’s the nomenclature BMW will pick for their electric cars moving forward.

While we don’t know the exact battery pack specs, Automobile Mag said a few months ago that there will be two variants of the iX1 BEV at launch time – a choice of 38- and 76-kWh batteries with ranges of 115 or 190 miles. Considering that BMW is already working on significantly higher batter capacities, we’re inclined to believe that the entry level will offer more than 38 kWh, and therefore, a longer range than 115 miles.

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The same report states that the the U11 BMW iX1 will sport an “ultra-minimalist interior featuring a curved instrument panel, simple ergonomics, and a massive amount of earth-friendly materials.”

We expect to see a front fascia dominated by a large kidney grille, filled with a series of autonomous driving sensors, slimmer headlights to fit the profile of an electric car, and blue accents specific to the i sub-brand.

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The current generation F48 X1 is scheduled to end its production in 2022 which will coincide with the launch of the new design which will also serve as the base for the iX1. It’s fair to assume that an X1 electric will also come to the U.S. market.