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How to Precondition Your BMW Electric Vehicle

Preconditioning is one of the best features available in a BMW electric vehicle. There are a lot of benefits to the precondition and preventilation functions, and in this article, we will outline them. For example,…

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Buying Your First BMW EV

This series of EV-related articles is brought to you by ClipperCreek powered by Enphase. ClipperCreek has been a pioneer in the EV charging market since 2006 for Level 2 AC charging stations. So you’ve decided…

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BMW Expects To Sell 245,000 EVs In 2022 And 400,000 In 2023

2021 was the best year ever for the BMW Group in terms of electric vehicle sales as the German conglomerate delivered 103,855 cars without combustion engines. The performance was particularly impressive when you factor in…

Cold Weather Tips for Electric Vehicles

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BMW Wants Half of Global Sales to be Electric by 2030

BMW’s plans to completely switch to electric vehicles are a bit slower than its BMW Group siblings, Mini and Rolls-Royce. However, the totality of the BMW Group aims to have half of its global sales…

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BMW CEO says electric cars might bring new dependencies

In an interview with Neue Zürcher Zeitung, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse talks potential new dependencies as the European Union is preparing for a ban on gasoline and diesel-powered cars in 2035. On one hand, the…