Up until the new BMW X3 M Competition was launched, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV was considered by many the fastest and most agile SUV in the segment. That no longer seems to be the case, as a number of magazine are claiming. Furthermore, looking at the videos below, you can see pro drivers are agreeing with the leaderboard change of positions as well.

The videos posted below show the two cars going for a hot lap around the Tazio Nuvolari track in Italy. They are both driven by Tommy Maino, a pro racer, just to keep things even. The weather conditions were similar, the only difference being the tire setup. The cars were driven with the tires they come with equipped by the manufacturers. The BMW X3 M Competition was wearing Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires while the Alfa was wearing Pirelli PZero ARs.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio X3 M 5 of 8 830x467

As for the specs, we’ll just write them down here for a proper comparison. The BMW X3 M Competition uses a 3-liter straight six bi-turbo engine making 503 HP and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque. The power is sent to all four corners of the car through an 8-speed ZF gearbox and the M xDrive all-wheel drive system. The 0-62 mph sprint takes 4.1 seconds according to BMW even though faster sprints have been recorded.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV on the other hand uses a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 developed with Ferrari. It develops the same amount of power and torque but it is faster to 62 by 0.3 seconds according to the Italians. However, as the video below shows, that won’t be enough to beat the BMW on track. The lap timer shows a difference of over 2 seconds, with the BMW X3 M Competition’s fastest lap being clocked at 1:32.11 while the Alfa did it in 1:34.66.

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