Even though we’d like to think Rolls-Royce models don’t get tuned all that often – and I think they shouldn’t be – the cold facts say otherwise. Just check the Instagram pages of various artists and you’ll soon learn a lot about what can be done on a Rolls-Royce and how you can ‘make it your own’. At this point, I may be alone in thinking that a Phantom, for example, should be customized by Rolls-Royce before it leaves Goodwood.

In case you want to buy a Phantom and think the customization options from Rolls-Royce are simply not enough for your peculiar taste, there are choices on the market out there. The newest was launched by SPOFEC, a company known for catering to the taste of the richest people on the planet. The Germans unveiled a kit for the eight iteration of the Phantom and it comes with some rather interesting choices.

The tuner created its own bumper for the front fascia which, according to them, reduces front-end lift at high speeds. The rocker panels on the sides are also different while the badges on the front fenders have been highlighted. Round the back we also get a subtle spoiler. The visual upgrades continue with the 24″ wheels created in collaboration with Vossen. According to SPOFEC, the wheels are available in 72 colors and two finishes: polished and brushed.

That’s not all and this might be the most important upgrade offered by the tuner: a new ECU map for the engine. This is one of the few times when someone actually bothered to improve the power output of the 6.75-liter V12 of the Phantom. With the SPOFEC upgrade it can now deliver 685 HP and 744 lb-ft (1,010 Nm) of torque which is pretty darn impressive. While I might not be sold on the visual upgrades, I wouldn’t say no to driving this beast.