As you may know Tyler Hoovie bought himself a Rolls-Royce Phantom a while back, just to see how it feels like to drive an ultra-luxurious car on the road and maybe do chores with it. In his typical style, he bought the cheapest he could find online in the US and, of course, he expected it to bring about a lot of problems as miles piled up. That, surprisingly, didn’t happen and he posted a video on his Youtube channel today to give us a 6-month update.

The Phantom seems to behave admirably and the fact that he had no issues whatsoever so far, speaks about the V12 engine under the hood. The seventh iteration of the Phantom used a 6.75-liter V12 engine good for some 460 HP. That may seem like a low figure but the point was to create a car with a lot of torque down low and not a lot of horsepower as it wasn’t really necessary. That also means these mills could be very reliable on the long run, as they were not nearly pushed as far as they could be.

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The thing is, as winter hit the US, the Phantom became his family’s daily driver. He used it quite a lot as he admits in the video below and yet nothing went amiss. The Phantom actually was deemed a perfect family car and I can totally see why, since it offers incredible comfort, lots of space inside and is quiet as a church mouse on long trips. The boot has a generous size and cruising cross country would probably be a joy in it.

Tyler also makes a point about the fact that it truly is a shame land yachts are no longer a popular thing with Rolls-Royce being the occasional, notable exception. These days, family cars have been replaced by SUVs for a number of reasons he expertly points out. I couldn’t agree more but in the end, not everyone can afford a Rolls-Royce or risk spending money on a pre-owned one which could break down and turn into a money pit.