When Rolls-Royce launched the Dawn, it claimed the super luxurious drop top appeals to an ever-growing segment of its customers, one that sees the average age figure drop every time new statistics are published. Therefore, by addressing this younger demographic, the Dawn is prone to be customized in a number of ways, to showcase the character of the owner/driver inside. Even though the Brits are more than capable of offering all the possible combinations you can think of, if you’re looking for a bit more, you’ll have to go searching for a tuner.

Sure, the Goodwood-based company showed us all what it’s capable of when they revealed the Sweptail earlier this year but then again, not everyone is willing to wait for a couple of years to take delivery of their car. Therefore, Novitec decided it was time to offer a tuning kit for the Dawn that would be installed in a matter of hours and not years. Their Spofec kit widens and changes the body of the Rolls-Royce Dawn to never-before seen shapes.

Spofec is a sub-brand of Novitec, created just for the double-R brand, its name coming from the SPirit OF ECstasy. We’ve seen it before, with a tuning kit for the Wraith and, this time too, the body of the standard Rolls is being augmented using carbon fiber, to make sure the weight factor doesn’t go through the roof. It’s not like the Dawn is light on its feet anyway but why add unnecessary weight when owners and customers can easily pay for the lightest materials around?

The kit, dubbed Overdose, will be made available only for eight customers and, in typical  Rolls-Royce fashion, every one will be customized to the exact specifications of the buyer. And while you may be tempted to think that the changes are only aesthetic, you’ll be surprised to learn that the 6.6-liter V12 engine was also upgraded to make 685 hp and 723 lb-ft (980 Nm) of torque. To handle that extra power, the car also received new ceramic brakes to shave some 38 kg (84 lbs) from the car’s unsprung weight while also improving its stopping power.