BMW’s plans regarding electrifying its range are picking up speed with a new CEO at the helm. We reported a while back that BMW is planning on launching a fully electric version of the 7 Series under the i7 moniker. Today, new reports coming in from Munich seem to confirm the electrification of the 7 Series.

We just learned from our sources that the upcoming EV 7 Series could bring some significant power under the hood and one of the biggest batteries ever installed in a production car. There are rumors around two versions of the BMW i7: the standard version and an i7S. The latter will have more range and will be more powerful, as you might expect. According to our info, the i7S will have a power output of around 670 HP and a 120 kWh battery. With these figures, the expected range in WLTP tests should be around 600 km (360 miles).

Then there’s the BMW i7, reportedly coming with a smaller, 100 kWh battery and a total power output of around 550 HP. This too should have a combined autonomy of around 600 km (360 miles). Chances are, the two BMW 7 Series electric models will use more than one electric motor and, most likely, will be all-wheel drive as that seems to be what customers want these days. The charging time is equally important so BMW is working on the next generation of fast charging.

As you’d expect, the large battery packs will require a long charging time, if you don’t use a fast charger. Porsche’s new Taycan uses a 800V architecture and it’s the first car in the world to do that. It allows the EV to recharge rather fast compared to anything else on the market today. BMW might also go down that route to make sure the charging process is seamless and fast as customers would expect.