The BMW X3 M is set to become an icon, whether you like it or not. That’s because is the first medium-sized SUV from the M division and it will most likely sell like hot cakes. It’s hard to resist it too, considering the amount of performance you get for your buck. Apart from the initial reviews done at the Monticello track earlier this year, we didn’t get to see the cars taken out on other roads so far. All that changes today.

BMW X4 M drift

The guys from BMW Australia apparently set up a special M Town sector somewhere in the land Down Under and invited journalists to test out some M goodies. Car Advice was on set and they recorded some glorious footage of both the BMW X3 M and X4 M models out doing some cool drifts in the desert. Since Australia will only get the Competition models, what we’re looking at here is full-on party time with the biggest, baddest cars in the X3 and X4 range.


As you can see, the video claims to be a sort of review of the BMW X3 M but, in truth, it’s just over 4 minutes of drifts. The presenter mentions the 500 HP of the new S58 3-liter straight six engine and how the suspension works, but nobody really pays attention to that. There’s also a mention of how nobody in their right mind would drift those cars, but it’s still fun to do so.

Both cars will be expected to be quite popular once they reach showrooms around the world. In Australia, BMW will price the X3 M (Competition) at AUD157,900 ($106,000) and the BMW X4 M (Competition) at AUD164,900 ($111,000) in case you were wondering.