The new BMW 4 Series is a highly anticipated car. Considering how good the reviews of the G20 3 Series have been so far, people are understandably curious about the 4 Series. After all, when BMW introduced this dichotomy in the range, it promised a lot, including a bigger difference between the two. Apparently, that’s in the books for the new model, as our sources claim it will look a lot different compared to the 3 Series.

A bigger set of grilles is said to make the cut into production to set it apart from the rest of the range. Nevertheless, even if the new 4er comes out odd looking odd, the driving experience will play an important role. The new passive suspension of the 3 Series is a miracle worker and it should be even better with the lower center of gravity on the 4 Series. The video below shows the car on the Nurburgring, being properly tested.

The Green Hell, BMW’s usual proving grounds, is one of the toughest tracks in the world. The engineers and test pilots are definitely hard at work right now, not just to satisfy the BMW fans, but also to make sure the final product is up to par with the competition and even better. The car in the video seems to be the M440i xDrive model, a first for the 4 Series range. Up until now, customers were limited to the 440i model as the fastest choice, not including the M4.

Now, the range will get an M Performance model in the shape of the M440i. It will basically share the engine with every other M40i model in the range right now. It will be a B58 straight six with 382 HP in the US and 340 HP in Europe. The torque figure will remain fixed at 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque. As for the sound it will make, it will deliver the same raspy tone we’ve gotten used to so far from M Performance cars. Let’s just hope for the best in the design department.