I sort of feel as if the BMW 4 Series Coupe has been forgotten. With the upcoming G20 3 Series on the horizon, the new Z4 on its way as well, the brand-new BMW M5 stealing headlines and new cars like the X2, the 4 Series is left behind. To be honest, it’s likely because BMW has seemed to have moved on. Since the brand has been building cars on its new CLAR platform (7 Series, 5 Series and X3), its cars have been significantly improved. Leaving the older 4 Series behind. But is that because it’s actually not as good as its more modern siblings or is it because we’re all fickle and just want to play with the new toys?

Motor1 recently reviewed the new BMW 4 Series Coupe and, to be honest, it seems as if the reason people are forgetting the 4er Coupe is because it’s actually an inferior product to BMW’s newer offerings. This is evident from its overall score, which was a six out of ten. Ouch.


Typically, small-ish sedans and coupes have been BMW’s bread and butter. The 3 Series has basically carried the brand for decades and the 4 Series is nothing more than a coupe version of the 3er. So you’d assume the 4 Series Coupe to be dynamite. It isn’t anymore, at least according to this review.

Its looks are fine but nothing spectacular. The 4 Series can look good but it needs the right package to do so. In this sort of blah spec, it only looks okay. Whereas if you look at the E92 3 Series or E46 3 Series Coupes, they still look brilliant today, regardless of spec or package. So the 4 Series is fine, unoffensive, but is nothing to write home about. Inside, it’s really the same story. It’s well built, features great technology and is comfortable and easy to see out of. However, nothing inside really makes you want to spend on the wrong side of $50,000 for.

The same goes for its performance and handling, The BMW 440i in this test uses BMW’s brilliant B58 3.0 liter inline six engine but even that can’t save it. Yes, it’s competent and has a ton of capability, but the much cheaper 2 Series is far more entertaining to drive and, from my experience at least, so is the bigger, more comfortable new 5 Series. And then you consider the other coupes in its price point, like the Mustang GT and Mercedes-AMG C43 Coupe, it’s hard to make an argument for the 440i. Hell, you can get a manual Corvette Stingray for the price of this 440i Coupe.

Overall, the BMW 4 Series Coupe is an above average car but just. It’s not something that’s going to light your hair on fire or fill you with supreme joy. Honestly, if you want a fun and exciting coupe, get a 2 Series and save the rest of the money.

[Source: Motor1]