The current generation of BMW 4 Series has basically been just a 3 Series coupe. Despite a slightly wider wheel track and some minor chassis changes, the 4er has always felt like a two-door 3 Series because, well, it kind of is. However, with this new G20-generation of 3 Series on its way and a new 4 Series in the works, the two cars are said to be separated in feel more than they are now.

“We have moved the 3 and 4 Series apart in their current generation,” said Australian spokesperson for the BMW 3 Series and 4 Series Kai Lichte, according to Motoring. “It makes sense that we would move it further apart in its next generation”.

It’s also said that the full 4 Series model range will return, which means we’ll still be getting a coupe, convertible and gran coupe. That’s good news, as the 4 Series Gran Coupe has slowly been becoming a fan favorite.

“There’s been a trend to many body styles with us and our competition, but maybe this move is at an end and there will be some contraction,” said Lichte. He then continued to say that the current 4 Series models “have strong acceptance,”

This could either be good or bad news, honestly. The BMW 4 Series is supposed to be the sportier version of the 3 Series but there’s already a sportier two-door than the 3 Series, it’s called the 2 Series. So we’re not sure if BMW is going to make the next-gen 4er more exciting and sportier than the current car or if it’s going to become more of a smaller GT car. Honestly, we expect the latter. While that’s not a bad thing, it would be a bit sad to see what is essentially the two-door 3 Series to become less sporty.

Either way, don’t expect the new 4 Series to just be a two-door 3 Series. It’s going to have a personality of its own.

[Source: Motoring]