The guys from Wald International have a long lasting relationship with cars made by Rolls-Royce. The Japanese tuner has been modifying anything from the Dawn to the Wraith and especially the Phantom. The time has come for the latest Phantom model to receive some TLC from Wald and things look … interesting. It’s pretty obvious from the get go that a tuned Rolls-Royce is not to everyone’s liking but some might find it interesting nonetheless.

For the eight generation Phantom, the kit a bit more conservative than what we’ve grown used to seeing from Wald. Up front the car’s fascia gets a new bumper and an integrated spoiler along with larger air intakes. There’s some chrome thrown in there for good measure as it looks like this material is widely associated with luxury in a lot of places around the world. The same material is used on the sides of the car just under the side skirts.

Round the back you’ll notice a new bumper altogether with a modified lower fascia made out of mesh. There’s not much more happening back there but you’ll notice some other changes as well if you check out the entire package. For one, the wheels are now I13-Fs from Wald, measuring no less than 24-inches in diameter. The matte black finish is also from Wald International, the car originally being finished in a different hue.

Nonetheless, you should know that Rolls-Royce can paint your car in any given color you can imagine, including matte/frozen finishes. Tinted windows, smoked headlights and even a blacked-out Spirit of Ecstasy complete the stealthy look of this Phantom that is sure to attract a lot of curious looks when driving down the street. There’s no mention of anything being changed under the hood or inside the cabin, so we’ll assume this is just an exterior kit.