The current Phantom from Rolls-Royce is a jewel on wheels. The British brand delivered on its promise of delivering yet another leader in the ultra-luxury segment and that’s exactly what the eight generation of the Phantom is. Apart from a new design and a new engine, there’s a lot of new tech infused in the current model, most of it meant to cater to the needs of the ultra-rich. One of those is the new Privacy Suite.

This is basically a separator that isolates those in the back (or patrons as Rolls-Royce calls them) from the occupants in the front. Knowing how a Rolls-Royce is typically used, most of the time there will be only one person in the front and that’s the driver. For those looking for the most privacy, this optional feature seems like a perfect offering and the photo gallery below shows it in all its glory, on a long-wheelbase Phantom. And yes, you need to get a long wheelbase model to be able to order this option which is not available in the US.

This particular car hails from Hong Kong and we don’t know who the owner is. What we do know is that this is one beautiful combination. As for the Privacy Suite it becomes reality thanks to an electrochromatic glass and a state-of-the-art material, a frequency-specific compound that absorbs the sound. Chip in the privacy glass and curtains on the sides of and back of the car and the overall insulation, and you end up being transported in a cocoon that’s so silent and comfy it makes it seem like you’re standing still.

Of course, some communication with the driver might be needed and for that you have an intercom system that allows you to talk with the person behind the wheel or answer their calls to you. There’s also a hole in the divider that allows you to exchange items, should you need it. All in all, this looks like a perfect getaway spot right inside your car, if you can afford it, that is.