Talking about the double-R badge, one immediately thinks one of two things: luxury or comfort. That’s obviously because these two attributes are mostly used to describe the cars made in Goodwood but then there’s another side to them, one that comes with petrol fumes and chronographs. That’s right, I’m talking about speed and Rolls-Royce cars have it by the plentiful, no matter the model. In the case of the Dawn, you can add open top cruising to the list.

When Rolls-Royce launched the Dawn, it claimed it’s the most beautiful model they had on sale at the moment and the one that appeals the most to a younger demographic. With the rise in numbers of younger millionaires around the world, it’s normal that Rolls-Royce would focus more and speed and agility as it evolves. One clear example is the Black Badge package which can be applied to the Ghost, Wraith and now the Dawn.

forgiato japan dawn troppo ecl 13 830x491

If that’s not enough though, there’s a tuner out there that can help out, especially when it comes to the exterior appearance of the Dawn. The guys from Wald International have a body kit for it that looks… Let’s just say outlandish. It’s definitely not what the usual buyers are used to but I can’t call it ugly either. At the same time, the car in the photo gallery below is wearing Forgiato wheels that change its character even more.

The lowered ride compliments the 24-inch Troppo-ECL wheels and definitely makes everything stand out. If you’re thinking 24 inches are too much, you need to remember that the Dawn isn’t a small car by any means. Also, the Dawn certainly has the bite to go with the growl, even with these new additions on it, the 6.6-liter V12 under the hood delivering 571 HP and 820 Nm (605 lb-ft) of torque for a 0-60 dash of 4.8 seconds. It’s obviously fast, but would you be interested in all these add-ons or would you keep the drop top clean and classy?