BMW announced part of its line-up for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show today. The list of cars highlighted by BMW is mostly made up of electrified cars which means the main focus of the BMW Group will be on hybrids for the 89th edition of the Swiss venue. While we’re seeing a couple of already announced cars making their first appearance in front of a live audience mentioned in the press release, we also have a hunch others will show up as well, surprising the crowd in the process.

The facelifted 7 Series will be celebrating its world premiere in front of a live audience, even though the car has been revealed back in January online. The new 7er will be showcasing its plug-in hybrid versions, all of which are using the same tech underneath but are differentiated by length and transmission choices. The BMW 745e, 745Le and 745Le xDrive models will all be on display alongside a highly anticipated model that comes a lot cheaper.

I’m talking about the BMW 330e. Ever since the new 3 Series came out and BMW confirmed that a hybrid version of this car will show up at one point, the Bimmer fanatics out there have been asking questions about it. Our readers especially seemed interested in what it brings to the table and it looks like the first public showing of the car will take place at Geneva. The new 330e comes with a similar setup as on the old F30 model but with an increased claimed electric range of up to 60 km (37 miles).

The X5 xDrive45e will also be on display, using the exact same powertrain as the 745e, made up of a 3-liter straight six engine and an electric motor, delivering 394 HP together. The new hybrid SUV will do 62 mph from standstill in 5.6 seconds and has an estimated electric range of 50 miles. Alongside all these hybrids BMW will also have the M850i Individual Night Sky model on display so if you’re in the area, you might want to pop in for a moment.