You might be thinking that Doug DeMuro, Youtube’s apparent favorite reviewer, has gone mad, reviewing a car that is no longer in production. And yet, he’s one of the few people out there who are still looking at older models, to offer us a hint as to what they are like. This time round he’s taking a closer look at the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. This used to be the only drop top in Rolls-Royce’s range until the Dawn came out.

The British manufacturer basically replaced the Phantom with the Dawn as the Drophead Coupe is no longer in production. However, the two aren’t exactly the same car. Whereas the Dawn rides on the same platform as the Ghost, the Drophead Coupe was using the Phantom underpinnings back in the day. As to why the Brits decided to call it a ‘Drophead Coupe’ in the first place, Doug sheds some light on that topic in the video below.

Under the hood of this massive convertible you’ll find the familiar 6.75-liter V12 engine we’ve grown used to from the ‘regular’ Phantom. All that displacement is needed since the Drophead Coupe is 5.6-meters long. It’s a huge car, and that’s something you don’t necessarily realize until you get to see it in traffic, among regular cars or you sit in it to notice just how high you’re riding. As Doug says, it’s close to an SUV. To get a better idea, notice how normal the wheels on this tester look like. You’d never guess they are 24-inches in diameter, would you?

Doug proceeds to walk us through the different quirks the Drophead Coupe came with. From the usual Rolls-Royce bits like the buttons to close the doors, to the split boot lid, the rear-hinged doors and even the little things that make the boot of this convertible special.