Doug DeMuro

BMW M5 E28 07 830x553

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Tests the E28 BMW M5

Despite the fact that I’ve never driven one, the E28 M5 is my favorite BMW. That might sound crazy but I just love everything about it: its design, its engine, its interior, and everything I’ve…

e36 bmw m3 01 830x553

VIDEO: Is the E36 BMW M3 Making a Comeback?

Of all generations of BMW M3, it’s usually the E36-generation that’s considered to be the worst. It had the tall task of following the legendary and original E30 M3 but it also, unfortunately, became the…

2022 bmw i4 m50 portimao blue 24 830x553

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the BMW i4 M50

BMW only has two electric cars on sale at the moment, the iX and the i4. The former gets most of the attention, due to its funky looks and wild interior, but it’s the latter…

VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the BMW M240i

BMW M440i xDrive Test Fest 25 830x553

VIDEO: BMW M440i Tested by Doug DeMuro

There are few new BMWs as quirky as the new 4 Series, with the exception of the all new BMW iX. So who better than to test it out than Doug DeMuro? In this new…