Rolls-Royce is apparently already working on a new model. After the recent launch of the Cullinan ‘high-riding’ vehicle, the British brand is already planning its next move. Never to be overshadowed by its rivals, the Goodwood based manufacturer is apparently developing a Drophead Coupe-like model, possibly inspired by the Vision 100 Concept unveiled in 2016, according to a recent post on the company’s official Intagram page.

The image shows a sleek, low body with a long hood and short rear end, seemingly of a two-door car, looking like what could be interpreted as a futuristic iteration of the Drophead Coupe Phantom which was pulled out of production a while back. At that time, Rolls-Royce officials said that the Drophead won’t be coming back but then again, with the competition luring in the background, one could never be certain of such statements.

I’m referring of course to the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, a two-door, sleek coupe with imposing and beautiful lines. Mercedes haven’t yet confirmed that the car will be going into production but sources inside Stuttgart are already talking about it becoming reality. Therefore, Rolls-Royce needs to keep up, even though the Mayback brand isn’t exactly at the same level as the British marque.

At the same time, the teased car with the caption “The future of travel. Now in the making.” could be the production version of the Vision Next 100 concept launched in 2016. That car is supposed to have advanced autonomous driving capabilities and an all-electric drivetrain. Other novelties include a personal assistant for the occupants, that would have Artificial Intelligence to help out with concierge services and other interesting futuristic features. No matter what will be powering it or what features it will have, this first teaser shows a very attractive figure which, we hope, will be found on the final product.