The people over in Munich wanted to make sure their customers, particularly those of M models, feel like they belong to a community. In order to make that happen, the marketing team came up with M Town, a fictitious city where only M cars are allowed and where they can roam free.

After causing some waves during the initial release, the people in Munich decided to continue their campaign. Not long ago we saw a BMW M850i xDrive doing a very sensual dance in front of a special customer at night in M Town and now we take a look at how intense a simple railroad crossing can be. That’s right, this is all happening in M Town and, as expected, it features an M car, this time a BMW M4.

Wearing what appears to be Java Green, this stunning M4 wears a host of M Performance Parts, which seems to be kind of the point of the video. Up front you can get a glimpse of the carbon fiber splitter mounted underneath the bumper as well as the blacked out kidney grilles. Then there’s the huge wing on the boot you can’t miss, carbon fiber side mirror covers and the Competition wheels doing the trick.

The action is quite intense and edited perfectly. It shows the car racing to beat a freight train to the crossing and a very panicked conductor probably worried about the prospect of having to wipe engine oil off his locomotive all night. This being M Town, everything went great in the end though, something we kind-of expected.