Have you ever dreamed of living in a perfect utopia, where everything is perfect and everyone’s happy? If so, welcome to ///M Town.

In this new video from BMW, we get to visit ///M Town, albeit only briefly. Though, it seems like a lovely place. The streets are lined with rip-roaring M cars, filling the air with tire smoke and the sound of snarling, high-strung engines. Rather than going to the opera, tunnels are where beautiful symphonies are made, with the sounds of screaming exhausts. It’s wonderful.

Everyone is a car enthusiast and everyone owns a fantastic M car. Whether it be a yellow BMW M4 GTS or a bronze BMW M5, you’re always bound to see a great BMW M car on the road. Even though, the BMW M850i spotted in the video isn’t a proper M car, it’s allowed to live in ///M Town because it’s a welcoming town and it’s a stunning car. So it makes the cut. This seems like the sort of town we’d all want to live in. A perfect BMW M utopia.

The entire town seems happy and why shouldn’t they be? It’s filled with loud, fast M cars and not a single AMG or Audi Sport car in sight to ruin the fun. Just pure, M Division bliss.

Okay, admittedly, it’s a silly video from BMW but it’s fun and lighthearted. It basically just shows off all the different sorts of BMW M cars, in cool colors, doing cool things, even if not all of the cars featured are real-deal M cars (I’m looking at you, M850i). It’s still worth a watch, as it will put a smile on the face of almost any BMW enthusiast. Personally, I keep watching the video just for that bronze BMW M5. It’s flipping awesome and I want one. How do I get one?