///M Town

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BMW M Town sets foot in Australia also

The fictional, yet highly desirable ///M Town has now found a home in Australia. The local BMW office has just hosted a press launch of the BMW X3 M and X4 M models, and along…

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///M Town is now part of the BMW Welt exhibition

BMW Welt is now officially welcoming the ///M Town on their premises. A new marketing campaign kicked off today, centering around the ///M Town concept, and along with that, a new and permanent expo space…

Video: BMW Z4 M40i Stars in Latest M Town Feature

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Video: School in BMW M Town Looks Incredibly Awesome

School for most people was either a great experience or a dreadful one. Depending on how you got along with your colleagues, your experience might vary by quite a lot. However, I have a hunch…