The M Town, launched recently, is the hottest thing the M marketing is banking on and it seems like it’s going to be a successful attempt at creating a tight community. Their latest clip, published on Youtube, suggests that you can find all sorts of attractions in M Town, of the widest and strangest variety.

The clip, posted below, shows a man entering what looks like an 1980s brothel, with neon lights and everything. He chooses his room, enters and starts enjoying a private show from behind privacy glass. The star dancing in front of him is not a woman but something that is known to deliver similar sensations to the brain, a BMW. This time it’s a BMW M850i which is not exactly a full-on M car but until we get to see the M8, it will have to do.

The car then puts on a show for our curious customer and revs its engine really hard while opening its hood. That beautiful, strong V8 under there makes quite an impression on our protagonist and he leaves rather satisfied by the looks of things. Not a bad way to spend a night out, in my book, especially since the M850i, from what we could gather, sounds rather good, compared to any other car using the N63 engine.

The BMW M8 will be the one to get though, as it’s shaping up to be quite extraordinary and it’s also a pure M model. Since this is M Town we’re talking about, maybe M Performance models shouldn’t be included here. Nevertheless, this clip is definitely bold and sheds new light on the M850i, in a way we’ve never seen before.