SPIED: 2020 ALPINA B7 caught testing with new 7 Series’ face

7 Series, ALPINA | October 16th, 2018 by 7
2018 ALPINA B7 TEST DRIVE 01 830x553

We just recently received some inside information about the design and interior of the facelifted BMW 7 Series, from someone who was part of BMW’s closed-room showing. In that information we received, we learned that the new 7 Series has a face similar to that of the BMW X7, with massive grilles and slim headlights. The taillights are said to feature an LED light bar that spans the width of the rear. We also learned that its interior was largely the same as the pre-facelift car, just with BMW’s new digital dials. Now, we’re seeing some new spy photos of the upcoming 2020 ALPINA B7, which seems to sport the 7 Series’ new face. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Obviously, the ALPINA B7 is going to get a similar design to the new facelifted 7 Series, being that the B7 is based on the 7er. So when the 7 Series gets updated, so too will the B7. In these photos, we see an ALPINA B7 test mule wearing camouflage on its front and rear ends but we can still make out most of its details. For instance, its grilles are so huge it looks like you could crawl through them and into the engine bay.

2018 ALPINA B7 TEST DRIVE 61 830x550

It also seems to get a new front bumper that seems to sport more aggressive air intakes than before. It still seems to have the same signature ALPINA lower front lip, which will likely wear “ALPINA” on it, as per usual.

There are some photos of the ALPINA B7 on track and we can see just how much lower it is than the typical 7er. Through corners, we can see the wheels tucked up into the wheel wells under load. If you’ve ever driven a B7, you’d know that it can hustle far better than you’d expect a big car to.

[Source: CarScoops]

7 responses to “SPIED: 2020 ALPINA B7 caught testing with new 7 Series’ face”

  1. Giom says:

    This is going to be an LCI for the books. Almost like a new model from the outside. Not sure what excites me more, the new front or the new rear. Both ends look amazing.

  2. Icebreakerr says:

    stunning car, the big grill suits it even more

    • Jujuman says:

      Fully agree with you. Big grill works well on big sedans i.e look at the phantom its such a beautiful piece of luxury with that big face

    • disqus_N2EdJql2v3 says:

      Kidneys I saw on X7 this wknd. looked larger than photos of Cullinan Parthenon – & yes, size matters!

  3. Kyle Lyles says:

    Ass needs to be longer. Looks too short to me.
    Besides, where am I going to put my wife’s shoes when we travel?

    Or Jimmy Hoffa’s four grandkids?

  4. Donald Dong says:

    Honestly, I believe Alpina can do a lot more, I am not sure whether its due to BMW S63 powerplant, or BMW controls that restricts Alpina. Power of course is enough, but you are talking about 4.4 making 600. 700 is more appropriate due to the engine displacement in this case; otherwise, what is the excitement. In terms of the exterior, Alpina needs more signature touch like what they did the wheels, they need to add these touches to the front & back of the car, to make it stand out. As for the interior, please delete the ridiculous shift buttons, and add proper levers, along with more programmble shift settings. They should customized the iDrive with more distinctive layouts, similar to what BMW did for Mini. The seats too, although quality-wise is very high, more colour options, or perhaps a mix of colours to make them more unique, because the 750 is already good enough, Alpina is not that much different.

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