By now, all that remains to be confirmed by BMW is the launch date of the new X4 M as spy photos have been out for months. This is one of the more important cars to be launched in the following months as is the case with its near identical brother, the BMW X3 M. With the launch of these two SUVs, the M division will enter a whole new, fast-growing segment.

The X4 M is still being tested on the Ring apparently and we have a sneaky suspicion that’s not going to stop any time soon.

The footage below shows the car under camouflage, but it’s pretty easy to spot the M cues. The biggest giveaway comes from the side mirrors. They have that typical M-style shape, nearly connecting with the car’s doors at the very top. Furthermore, round the back we have a quad-tailpipe exhaust system setup, something you only get on M cars.

Speaking of which, the engine sounds tells it like it is and we can hear the upcoming S58 engine too. The new X3 M and X4 M models will come with a new 3-liter high-performance straight six engine, this time based on the B58 mill. Replacing the S55 mill developed based on the N55 engine, the S58 is said to have at least 450 HP in its standard guise. The Competition models should get at least 475 HP which may be a bit too little compared to what the industry is doing these days.

LEAKED: First image of the new 2019 BMW X4 M F98

It’s not secret that the direct rival for these cars will be the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 and 63 S and they are already making more power. We can also include the Alfa-Romeo Stelvio QV which also has over 500 HP to play with. However, as it’s always the case, the BMW will hit back with less weight which will make it more manageable and overall faster on the track. Or, at least, that’s what we hope for.