One of the most anticipated cars of next year is the BMW X3 M, a model that we know for sure is in development, no matter how tight-lipped officials from Munich are. The car is important for a number of reasons. One of them is that this would be the first time the X3 range gets a proper M model but, more importantly, according to our sources, the X3 M will bring a brand new M engine to the table.

According to our trusty sources inside Munich, the new X3 M will be using the S58 engine, a 3-liter straight six mill that will replace the S55 in all applications. That means the upcoming M3 and M4 models will also switch to the new S58 and, hopefully, all those saying they don’t sound right will finally have nothing more to object to. The S58, as one could instantly guess, is based on the B58 engine, the current sole petrol straight six choice in the BMW range.

It’s also supposed to have a better sound than the S55 which hasn’t been a fan favorite ever since it was launched. I, personally, have nothing against it but other fans of the brand claim it’s just not worthy of the M badge. Nevertheless, the new S58 should put all these discussions to rest. It is also claimed to come with some 460 HP under its belt and some 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque, numbers slightly better than what the current engine is offering.

On the performance side of things, we’re hoping to see the same intelligent all-wheel drive system used on the F90 M5 being deployed on the X3 M and X4 M models as well. This would make them the most dynamic models in the segment by far. However, considering they are SUVs after all, BMW might choose to steer clear of the system used on the M5 and offer them with permanent all-wheel drive.