When it comes to tuning BMWs the new models are pretty popular but a lot of new owners prefer to keep them stock. At the same time, the potential hidden inside older cars, like the E30 generation, is so great, they are and will most likely forever be a crowd favorite. Cars with over 500 HP are not out of the ordinary and the one we’re looking at today is even more powerful, taking part in a trap speed challenge hosted in Germany.

According to the video description it puts out some 825 HP and it started life as a 325i model. We don’t have any info as to what hides under the hood now though, or if the original engine was upgraded or switched with a newer version. What we can tell you though its that this thing seems pretty damn fast and posted 299 km/h on the straight half-mile track, numbers good enough to get us thinking that with a bit more traction, this thing would be a challenger for some proper supercars of today.

Then there came another popular choice in car culture, a Toyota Supra. This one was also heavily modified and is claimed to have over 1,150 HP going to the rear wheels. And yes, these two are RWD as they were when they first came out. A lot of wheelspin takes place and the footage from inside the cars is pretty damn scary, as it shows how much the cars slide with their rear axle and how much composure you need to keep it together.

In the end, the Supra proved to be the faster car but only by a smudge. The Toyota posted a trap speed of 299.25 km/h just barely faster than the BMW but the German machine had lower time at 18.102 seconds compared to the 18.763 of the Japanese. Nevertheless, no matter who came out on top, there’s mad respect for both owners here as they are truly masters of their cars.