The BMW M2 Competition is getting ready to get delivered to customers around the world but before that happens, BMW M has a plan to get you familiar with its features, so that you don’t waste any more time when the day finally comes. The official Youtube channel of BMW M Gmbh published a video showcasing the most important things about the M2 Competition, featuring racing driver Cyndie Allemann and Product Trainer Ede Weihretter.

The two get to do some tricks with the car and explain the essentials. The first thing they point out is also the one thing we love most about M cars: they’re not only for the track. Of course, as yesterday’s showdown between the M4, RS5 and C63 S AMG proved, the M cars really come into their own element when pushed on a proper track but they can also be used daily with minimum nuisance.

The duo walk us through the festures, like the difference between the previous N55 engine and the new S55 one, which can be seen the moment you pop the hood and see the engine cover.

Ede even tells us all about the new high-performance, optional brakes available for the M2. They used 6-piston brake calipers up front and 4-piston models on the rear axle, along with bigger, cross-drilled rotors for better cooling. Another thing they don’t forget to mention are the new M mirrors, showing us that BMW really does listen to its target audience, making sure we get almost no reason to complain about the M2 anymore.