The guys from Cars South Africa have been putting the most popular three Coupe sports cars in Germany through a series of tests over the last couple of months. They pitted them against each other in straight lines and the results were surprising at times, but now they decided to go for true laps around a track, the way these things were set out to be used in the first place. The BMW M4, Audi RS5 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S were therefore driven in succession by the three guys you’re about to see, to figure out which one’s best.

From the get go, the BMW M4 sets itself apart from the competition. I should point out that this is the Competition Package version, the only one you should consider in case you’re reading this and thinking about getting an M4. The subtle changes BMW made to the Competition version make it worth the extra money as the guys will tell you as well in the footage below. What sets the M4 apart is the way it keeps its composure around the track.

It’s the lightest car here and it is rear-wheel drive as it should be. It has the best steering response and the best suspension setup. Did we mention the brakes? Yes, the brakes are also top of the class as well and that adds up to the sharper tool in this particular shed. That’s even more impressive as it has the lowest output of the three. It does make up thanks to its lower weight though and the chassis which has been brilliantly set up.

So, considering all the facts, considering the all-wheel drive setup of the RS5 and the extra power of the C63 S, which one do you think would come in fastest? Well, we’ll let you find out, no spoilers here but I will say the winner didn’t claim the number one spot just by a couple of tenths of a second, but blew the other two out of the water.