Rolls-Royce launched the eight iteration of the Phantom last year but also announced a while back that the Drophead Coupe will be retired. The new line-up of the British brand doesn’t include the model anymore, being made up of the Wraith, Ghost, Dawn and Phantom. However, people who still have a Drophead Coupe in their garage – albeit as few as they may be – could be looking to revamp their cars now that the new Phantom is out.

The eight generation Phantom brings a host of novelties to the table and while they may not be available on the Drophead Coupe, owners can still do a couple of things to breathe life into their cars once again. In order to do so though you’ll need a team of people knowing exactly what is to be done and how to do it. Cue the guys from Vilner, a Bulgarian company specialized in transforming older cars into proper stunning works of art on wheels.

They completely transformed this 2-door Phantom by replacing all the aging leather inside and adding their own touch to the whole thing. For example, the central sections of the seats have been decorated with a perforated double-R pattern. And while that may seem like it’s just a detail that doesn’t have any practical function, you’d be wrong, as the ventilated seats will ooze cool air through those tiny perforations to cool down the patrons inside during hot summer days with the top down.

The seatbelts were also changed out, to match the exterior of the car. Since this is a droptop, the guys wanted to make sure that both the inside and the outside of the Rolls match, and decided to swap the seat belts for new ones, in Cherry Red. “Cherry was the color of choice for the owner who picked it up from more than 44 000 color combinations that Rolls-Royce offer for the model,” claimed Vilner. The dash was also redone, as all the wood trims were refurbished while the dashboard of the car has been completely re-wrapped with a special anti-UV impregnated leather, which minimizes the reflections from the windshield.