Since Rolls-Royce decided to retire the seventh generation Phantom earlier this year and bring out a brand new model to take its place, the Drophead Coupe version followed the same route. Being built atop the same platform and being almost identical underneath the sheet metal, the drop top went the way of the dodo as well which means one ‘lucky’ car got to be the one that turned off the light on the assembly line as it left Goodwood.

That last model is now available for purchase in Saudi Arabia and, of course, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, the guys from Seven Car Lounge didn’t publish a price on their website and will only offer it if you call to inquire, but we’re guessing this thing will be expensive, even by Rolls-Royce standards. After all, like it or not, it is a part of the brand’s history and it also comes with a bespoke finish.

final rr phantom dhc 12 830x830

Dubbed ‘The Last of Last”, the special edition Phantom Drophead Coupe features a unique combination of colors and optional features. The general theme of the car revolves around a mix of white and turquoise, with the latter adorning the underbody of the car. The long bonnet is dominated by a brushed aluminum finish which continues all the way to the back, engulfing the windshield surrounds as well as the A pillars in the process.

final rr phantom dhc 11 830x830

Inside the cabin you’ll find the same combination of colors used for the leather upholstery, while some trims have been done in carbon fiber. For those more interested in whether this car truly is the last Phantom Drophead Coupe ever made, the company claims it has a certificate of authenticity issued by Rolls-Royce which should put all those worries to rest.