The BMW M760Li xDrive is the most expensive BMW ever made. It also used to be the fastest car they ever made until the new M5 came out but even today, it’s one of the fastest cars with a blue and white roundel that you can get, and it’s the only BMW that comes with a V12 engine. That means a lot to some people as you can’t match the smoothness of a V12 with anything else, excluding electric motors, of course. Doug DeMuro had one for testing purposes and he took his time to explain exactly what makes the M760Li the most expensive car in the line-up.

The obvious answer would, of course, rely around the 6.6-liter twin-turbo behemoth under the hood and its 610 HP. However, there’s so much more to this car that it took Doug about 27 minutes to list everything and he still wasn’t done. The video below must be the most thorough explanation of the technology infused into the M760Li and it truly is fascinating to watch. Doug does his best to cover everything but in the end, he’s still just a man and does miss out on a couple of things.

He starts out with the tech tidbits inside the cabin and there’s a lot to talk about. From Gesture Control to ambient air fragrances and the command tablet in the back, he does go through almost everything and notices a couple of things that some people miss out on. For example, he mentions the fact that the fuel gauge shows exactly how far you can go, something some simply overlook, but find it very useful.

He also mentions the additional muffling done for the boot lid, to keep rattles in check, something I overlooked when I had the car for similar testing purposes. He goes through the trouble of showing us the perfume choices but limits himself to just two fragrances, when there are in fact four of them available. Since he’s so keen on details, he somehow forgot to tell us about the lounge seating in the back which allows you to fold the front passenger seat so that the rear occupant can stretch his or her legs. Also, the vanity mirrors hiding in the roofliner would also have been nice to mention. Nevertheless, this is definitely the most in-depth review of the M760Li we’ve ever seen and if you have half an hour to spend, we’d recommend watching it.