Smartwatches and smartphones make it possible to easily use the future BMW i Connected Mobility dashboard on-the-go. At the 2015 CES, BMW has unveiled some of the new features that will be available in the BMW i Remote App.

Today, the BMW i Remote app allows various functions of the BMW i3 to be remote controlled using either a smartphone or a smartwatch. In the future, these devices which are permanently connected to the BMW ConnectedDrive Server will enable users to access their personal, fully up-to-date mobility agenda at any time from any of their devices.

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Smartwatches allow direct access to important information without having to use the connected smartphone. BMW i Connected Mobility harnesses the possibilities offered by the smartwatch for advanced BMW i Remote app functions. The car can even be programmed to recognize the driver by their smartwatch. It unlocks the doors as the driver approaches and locks them again when the driver leaves the vehicle, in each case in response to a specific gesture.

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This type of functionality could complement the use of smartcards as a means of identification for car-sharing services such as DriveNow and offer even greater ease of use.