BMW’s fall on second place in the luxury market over the course of 2017 just behind Mercedes-Benz wasn’t by accident at all. The sudden rush towards everything even remotely resembling an SUV is starting to show in the sales figures and the German manufacturer plans to recover a lot of the lost ground in the coming year, betting big on a new series of models. From the X2 to the X7, the Bavarians are planning a big offensive this year and they want their crown back.

This year, the battle will be fought on the SUV and crossover side of things, once again. With the launch of the X2, arriving in dealerships in March, the X3 reaching maturity on the market and the X4, X5 and X7 coming in as well, things are looking up.

“We believe we are in a very strong position in the U.S.,” BMW Group finance chief Nicolas Peter told Automotive News. “This growth in the U.S. will be very much supported by the launch of new X models. We got for 2018, from the smallest to the biggest car, exactly what we wanted,” BMW of North America CEO Bernhard Kuhnt said in an interview last week. “We worked very closely with Munich. Everything we asked for, we received.”

With the good sales recorded in the sedan segment as well, things are definitely looking up for 2018. The 5 Series dominated its segment since its was launched and with the arrival of the 8 Series and Z4 models which will be brand new, there’s a change to climb back up on top by December.