We recently just saw some spy photos of the BMW 8 Series Coupe in a workshop, completely uncovered. Those images have actually been met with mixed opinions. Some say it looks good and some say it looks horrid. Though, those photos might not have been the best ones to judge it from, as we’re now seeing some new spy photos of the 8 Series Convertible in the snow and it looks a bit better. (we don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

While this car is covered in camouflage, we can see a lot of the rear end, which is what drew a lot of criticism in the uncovered photos. Now, maybe it’s just because of it being a convertible, rather than a coupe, but the 8 Series shown here sports a rear end that looks much less wonky. It also looks quite good.

In profile, it’s low and long and mean, like a proper sporty GT. What’s also nice to see is that the soft-top convertible roof looks good and doesn’t disrupt the styling of the roofline. Obviously, it isn’t as pretty as the Coupe but it looks damn good. This could end up being the best looking BMW GT car of all time.

From the front, the 8 Series looks mean and aggressive. Its nose is sharp and slopes down low and the hood is aggressively sculpted. It looks angry and that’s a very good thing. A proper GT car needs to look both sporty and sophisticated, angry and elegant. And it seems as if this 8 Series does just that.

What’s odd is that in the supposed leaked photos of the 8 Series, it doesn’t seem to look as good as it does in these new spy photos. We’ll find out what it really looks like soon enough. Until then, we only have these spy photos to go by and, at least in these brand-new ones, it looks good.

[Source: Autocar]