The old BMW M3 wrote history when it came out. Unlike any of the cars coming before it or after it, it was the only M3 fitted with a V8 engine. To take things a bit further, it was the only car based on the 3 Series that ever came with such and engine and it truly was a peach. The one thing that people complained about, however, was the lack of torque the high-revving mill had. That has a simple solution: forced induction.

The car we’re looking at today definitely has some sort of system in its engine bay force feeding the cylinders with air. Even though the Youtube user doesn’t go into details about the build, it’s kinda hard to imagine that the 4-liter V8 under the hood is still naturally aspirated. The setup could be using turbochargers or a supercharger but all we know is that this is apparently a 900 HP M3 Filin Edition, whatever that means.

What we’re certain of though is the fact that this thing can pick up speed. The semi-slicks at the back are pushed to the absolute limit and the man behind the wheel definitely knows his car, as it manages to get off the line without crashing, while also posting decent numbers on the track. The first race, against the 650 HP Cadillac CTS-V is won easily, as you’d expect considering the specs but when the Merc lines up things end up differently.

The problem is we have a hard time believing the horsepower figure. Looking at the 1/4 mile speeds and times, it doesn’t look like the M3 is pushing 900 HP to the wheels. At 12 seconds and with a trap speed of just 207 km/h (128.5 mph) on the first run and 11.995 seconds and 205 km/h (127 mph) we expected a bit more from the M machine.