The owner of this Jerez Black E90 M3 has its roots back in the JDM oriented scene and therefore, he decided to add some aftermarket tuning touches to his V8 powered beast that draw their theme from the JDM source. The final result is a rather fetching looking M3. Additionally, all the work on this project was done by European Auto Source.

The first and most visible modification to the M3 are the beautiful bronze Volk Racing ZE40 wheels. The wheels come in sizes of 19×8.5 in the front and 19×9.5 in the rear. The multispoke wheel solution, specially because of its bronze finish, fits together with the black exterior rather perfectly. The vehicle is also further lowered, yielding a flush fitment. For the most part, this also helps to cool off the brakes more efficiently, preventing earlier brake fade and allowing for improved braking performance as well.

Jerez Black BMW E90 M3 In A JDM Style Build 5 750x469

Furthermore, the BMW M3 features another fist in the eye to purists. This comes in form of a set of STRADIA II JAPAN reclining racing seats. This gives in turn gives the JDM look another strong argument. While most M3 tuners would go with Recaro for their seat upgrade (and they would be right), this M3’s owner came up with a different idea.

And certainly, these Bride seats do come with a few tricks up their sleeve of their own. Namely, the seats come with great lateral support, they are ready for a full racing harness and the alcantara seat material will make for a comfortable ride.

Jerez Black BMW E90 M3 In A JDM Style Build 8 750x469

As for the performance upgrade, this BMW E90 M3 comes with an aftermarket exhaust system. The BMW M3 of this generation is powered by a 4.0 Liter engine, rated at 414 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. For this build, the growl of this V8 is accentuated thanks to an Active Autowerke E9x M3 Signature Exhaust system.

This system improves the exhaust sound, but also adds better throttle response and a bit more power and torque, helping the already fast E90 M3 to achieve even better performance numbers.

Jerez Black BMW E90 M3 Sedan Gets A Few Tweaks

Additionally, the owner added some interesting touches to the interior. The BMW M Performance steering wheel – complete with a blue stripe – adorns the interior. While this is not a huge upgrade, it does allow more grip in tight racing conditions. Furthermore, the Pedal Haus aluminum extended DCT shifter paddles allow the owner to keep both hands on the wheel, allowing for better control of the racing line. Finally, the Pedal Haus aluminum pedal set graces the interior, further giving it a race-themed look.

Check out the full build showcase right below.

Jerez Black BMW E90 M3 Sedan Gets A Few Tweaks