The guys from BMW Motors Abu Dhabi are known for their extreme builds. Customers going to their shop to order a brand new Bimmer usually leave with all sorts of crazy configurations that aren’t usually done by others. The people in Abu Dhabi apparently know that going one step further is something rich customers want and they are more than happy to fit your car with the latest tuning bits or make sure it’s painted in a rare color, kinda like the Avus Blue BMW 750Li shown here.

Avus Blue isn’t a color you get to see every day. BMW is otherwise known for its wide palette of blue shades from Estoril to Sonic and even Tanzanite Blue, all of them complimenting the cars they are applied to, without looking over the top. Avus Blue is, however, a truly rare appearance compared to the other colors mentioned above. It was developed as an intricate part of the BMW Individual catalogue and it is stunning.

Unfortunately, the pictures of the car were taken inside and you can’t really take in the beautiful reflections of the car, as Avus Blue is known to change quite a lot depending on the light source. Nevertheless, we can appreciate the overall theme of the car which reminds us of the famous Superman builds. The interior was done in Cherry Red and it’s a bold contrast to pull off.

On the outside you’ll also notice the 3D Design spoiler attached to the car’s front bumper as well as the ALPINA boot lid and the carbon fiber mirror covers that give the whole thing a more sporty feel. The 4.4-liter V8 under the hood will take care of the rest, thanks to its 450 HP and generous torque.