Usually reserved for cars wearing an angry bull on their hoods, Verde Mantis is a rare sighting on any kind of road, including those in Abu Dhabi. That doesn’t mean that the right amount of money won’t make it a reality in your garage though and an enthusiastic BMW fan ordered his BMW M3 in this exact color. His Competition Package M3 seems to be fitted with all the possible optional features you can get, yet the Carbon Ceramic Brake are the least impressive feature of this beast.

The color is the main eye-catcher as this shade is rarely seen on anything else but a Lambo. And considering just how rare the Italian supercars are, the chances of spotting one wearing this shade diminish even more. The Huracan is the car that showed us what Verde Mantis is for the first time and, as the name suggests, it’s a hue inspired by nature and the Praying Mantis to be more precise.

On the M3 it works brilliantly though and it is available as part of the Individual catalogue. The best bit of news is that you don’t have to get an M3 if you want your car to be dressed in this particular paint. It’s also available for the 3 Series range (excluding the Gran Turismo), 4 Series, M4 (Coupe and Convertible), 5 Series, 6 Series, M6 and 7 Series. A 7er dressed up in this flashy hue would definitely be something…

As for the car itself, it sports the Competition Package with the Carbon Ceramic Brakes hiding behind those beautiful wheels. That means it has about 450 HP to play with and plenty of stopping power to keep it all in check. Inside the cabin we get to enjoy plenty of carbon fiber, black leather and, to top everything off, Verde Mantis contrasting stitching.