The BMW M760Li xDrive is one way to prove your neighbors that you made it. Since BMW offers the M760Li xDrive in two different design ‘Worlds’ and none of them suggests the kind of power that’s lurking under the hood, owners have to find different ways to make sure they attract the curious looks of bystanders.

If you’re not familiar with the BMW world, you couldn’t tell what 7 Series is an M Performance model and which one isn’t without having to look at the boot and check for a badge. That’s because to the untrained eye, the M760Li looks like any other 7er with the M Sport package or the Excellence design kit on the outside. That’s why going for a catchy color might do the trick. The guys from BMW Abu Dhabi are experts at creating truly Individual machines in a wide variety of shades and colors.

bmw m760li favorite color 4 830x554

Over time we’ve seen the M760Li get dressed in Java Green, Signal Yellow, Imola Red or other outlandish hues. The people over at the dealership therefore decided to put together a presentation of some of the shades you can choose for your car and the photo gallery below is the end result of this exercise. Now you can check out a San Marino Blue model alongside a one done in Twilight Purple, Rallye Green, Chestnut Bronze, Estoril Blue, Imola Red or Austin Yellow.

To be honest, all of them look absolutely gorgeous but if my money was on the line, I’d go for the Excellence package and a more subtle, maybe frozen paint. This way, I’d make sure my car is a true sleeper whenever a daring rival might challenge me to a impromptu drag race at a red light.