Verde Mantis

Verde Mantis BMW F80 M3 Photoshoot 5 830x553

Verde Mantis BMW F80 M3 by Evolve Automotive

UK-based Evolve Automotive put together an exciting BMW project with a special color. Using as a base car the F80 M3, the tuning specialists in the UK used the Verdis Manti color from Lamborghini to…

Verde Mantis BMW F80 M3 Photoshoot 1 830x553

Hate It Or Love It: Verde Mantis BMW F80 M3 Photoshoot

This BMW F80 M3 comes from Evolve Automotive, a UK based tuning company. Featuring Verde Mantis – a Lamborghini color finish – the vehicle showcases how well extravagant finishes work on the M3. On the other…

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Verde Mantis Individual BMW M3 Shines in Abu Dhabi

Usually reserved for cars wearing an angry bull on their hoods, Verde Mantis is a rare sighting on any kind of road, including those in Abu Dhabi. That doesn’t mean that the right amount of…