A look at BMW M Division’s future product offensive

BMW M, BMW M3 | December 7th, 2017 by 24
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BMW M CEO Frank van Meel is knows that the M Division is in need of a boost if it wants to catch up to …

BMW M CEO Frank van Meel is knows that the M Division is in need of a boost if it wants to catch up to rivals AMG and Audi Sport. Not that BMW’s M Division isn’t competitive. In fact, quite the contrary. Despite most of its cars being the oldest in their respective segments, all BMW M cars are still highly competitive. However, customers are starting to prefer cars from Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport, as they both start to pass BMW M in sales. So van Meel knows that BMW M needs to increase its model portfolio as well as enhancing the cars it already has.

The first car to begin this massive product offensive is the BMW M3. As the car that everyone thinks of when they think the M Division, the M3’s success is necessary to the brand. “Along with the M5, the M3 is a crucial car for BMW M,” said van Meel. “It wasn’t the first fully fledged M car but it continues to stand for everything the brand is based upon.” Unfortunately for the BMW M3, it has to contend with the new Mercedes-AMG C63 (a customer favorite), the mighty impressive Audi RS4 and the superb Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

G80 BMW M3 Render AutoBild1 830x381

To insure that the next-gen M3 is a stud, we’re hearing that BMW will be going the plug-in hybrid, all-wheel drive route. That would be a drastic turn for the famous nameplate and a segment-first, for better or worse. One thing’s for certain, expect the next M3 to be very, very fast.

But it’s not only the BMW M3 that will be leading the M Division into the future. A BMW M2 CS is on its way, bringing a small, hardcore performance car to BMW. There will also be an X3 M, a first for BMW and a car that fans and customers alike with love. Sitting at the top of the M Division will be the upcoming BMW M8, which will not only be stunning but should be a riot to drive as well.

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BMW will also be bringing a new M4, X4 M and even a possible Z4 M will all be introduced in the coming years. BMW M needs to ramp up its model line and offer more products that customers really want, if it wants to keep up with its more popular rivals from Mercedes-AMG and Audi Sport.

[Source: Autocar]

24 responses to “A look at BMW M Division’s future product offensive”

  1. Crux says:

    I’m all for brand spanking new ///M cars. I just hope they do not dilute the brand with easily attainable //M cars. There is a prestige factor and this is where a lot of BMW enthusiast feels BMW has lost its marbles. I’m seeing a lot of ///M badges around my neighborhood and cities near me. Its cool but at the same time you’re like “Damn, is it really that cheap that anyone can just buy em these days?”

  2. Dailybimmer says:

    Frank Meel is the best Bmw M CEO ever had. He knows how to make Bmw M cars quicker than their rivals from Porsche, AMG-Merc, Audi Sport.

  3. Pevvex says:

    Bmw M4/M3 is the worst M car ever made.
    They need to make new gen of M3 an amazing car to bring back legendary and magical name M3 back. It must be option 2/4 wheel drive much better quality inside. M5 is showing the way.
    Get rid of fake engine sound just make it proper without speakers help. Make it V8 again and make it more expensive so not every one can buy it.
    Unfortunately they will fuck it again and and go exactly opposite direction.

    • Xiaofeng says:

      I see this sort of comment a lot, and I honestly don’t understand where all the hate comes from. Most of the people that actually review the car think it’s a fine piece of machinery, and while it is true that there are some places where the current F8x are a step back from the older generations (namely steering feel and more power than grip), the car is still competitive with virtually everything on the market in its class.

      As the 3-series has grown over the years, I see the current F80 as sort of the modern day E39 M5, which is not exactly bad company to keep.

      • Cheslyn Owen says:

        I know its hard for us fans of the brand to hear these sorts of comments, but im gonna have to agree with Pevvex on this one. Not because the car is bad because it is really good and even better than the E90 M3. But because the cars engine sound was the real disappointment. Mercedes and even the Giulia sounds 10 times better. I really don’t understand why they messed that up so much. Because Mercedes made sure the engine made the right noises. And that is a big part of owning a sports sedan. It has to make the right noses. The S55 are not making it. Turbo inline sixes don’t have to sound bad… Just listen to an RB26, 2JZ and even N54 and N55 engines.

        • Xiaofeng says:

          I may be a bit biased here, but I think the stock exhaust in the F8x ZCP sounds pretty good to my ears. Lots of burbles and pops, with a nice raspy growl with the valves open. Definitely better than a stock N54, and even a cat-back exhaust can make a tremendous difference. I’d say that’s hardly the reason to lambaste the F8x as “the worst M car ever made”.

      • disqus_qIG7IeaME3 says:

        Clarkson & Harris both approve. Harris followed with the V8 Lexus coupe, said it felt like the past, M3 was the future. Seems like a lot of self-declared “fans” live in the past, want BMW to do the same.

    • Icebreakerr says:

      then why is it the best selling model? the current M3 M4 is my fav tbh

      • Pevvex says:

        I guess u didnt have other M cars. If u ever driven M cars before u know it’s not the same any more. I drive X6M as every day family driver and it’s the only one M car I have left witch Is still under production. It’s an amazing car for it purpose and it’s much better than competition, more quite and comfort. On the other hand I sold M4 with pleasure and got my self C coupe 63 AMG. There is few thing Merc isn’t as good as BMW but over all Merc it’s a better sport car.
        I wantto enjoy proper sound of V8 and I have it not fake sound of M4. Stealing is better with Merc. It looks better and interior quality is simply one class higher.
        I still enjoy my M3 E92 much better than any today’s cars anyway and that’s what I want from M division to restore in new models.

        • Xiaofeng says:

          Pevvex, your comments confuse me a bit. Your primary complaints with the F8x are that it doesn’t sound as good, that it’s not expensive and “prestigious” enough, and that they need to bring the “legendary status” of the old M3’s back, even though every generation of the M3 has increased in price and the F8x is significantly more capable than any other previous M3, erring on the side of being too sharp. Ironically, you’re exactly the type of customer that is pushing M GmbH to develop “softer” cars with AWD and heavier, more luxurious interiors, which is directly contrary to what M has stood for in the past.

          While I will agree that the engine sound and the interior quality of the C63 is nicer than the F8x, I would have to disagree with almost all of your other points. Compared to the F80, I think the C63 sedan looks droopy all around, and I can’t stand the “glued on iPad” look of the navigation system, to the point that it looks incredibly cheap. I would also argue that the C63 is the better cruiser, but not the better sport sedan. I still feel the F8x is the more engaging car to drive, which is the crux of what a sport sedan should be, although it seems both have been one-upped by the new Giulia Quadrifoglio.

    • Max says:

      V8 rofl. Are we living in 2017 or in the past? Its an M3, there is no way back to a V8, and there was actually only one in all the history so there is no reason for any hate on that. Hell the highly praised E30 M3 is a 4 cylinder, how is that possible?
      Did you ever take that M3 to the track? I guess not. People like you can buy the C63 and go drive like Opa, no one cares. An M car is made for track AND street use, not for going straight on the autobahn.
      If you want an expensive car buy the M8, the M3 was always made for “everyone”. Apparently you dont know anything about the roots or the history, so who cares?

  4. Michael says:

    The front render looks angry. The back looks horrible.

  5. Arunabh says:

    a giant waking up from prolong slumber !!

    Undistilled and naturally neutral driving feel would be the key to success of this division in the long run.

  6. Crux says:

    My wish list is very simple. Lighter, more power, orgasmic exhaust notes, natural steering feel, apple CarPlay and the most imp feature a Manual option on ///M4 models and below.

  7. Crux says:

    My wish list is very simple. Lighter, more power, orgasmic exhaust notes, natural steering feel, apple CarPlay and the most imp feature a Manual option on ///M4 models and below.

  8. Crux says:

    My wish list is very simple. Lighter, more power, orgasmic exhaust notes, natural steering feel, apple CarPlay and the most imp feature a Manual option on ///M4 models and below.

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